Quest for Knowledge

Monday, July 26, 2004

That Which Is Expressed is Impressed !

The Great Aristotle said that! So I thought why wait for the next big thing and just write about my different observations . So I began my search for the uncommon things that I could share with everyone else, things that surprised me or were different from what they had been previously assumed or hoped. I pondered and struggled. Not much flashed my mind, nothing caught my attention that I had not seen before.
The CNSI Cricket Team lost the cricket match once again, So tell me something new I told myself. Well the big brother did not disappoint too, the Indian Cricket team lost! I gasped. And said it is the Indian cricket team after all.
Another last minute rush to push something into Gold Team Review for Washington State Proposal.Please give me a break I exclaimed! That is the way it works idiot!!
A beautiful woman going to the same city, going on the same plane, walking along with me chooses to sit two seats ahead of me. I said Arvi, come on that is not new to you,It happens all the time Hint Hint...
Finally, I jumped in excitement and said there was something different that happened in the last couple of days..Boston Red Sox finally turn the numbers on the Yankees by winning in the 9th innings. Hold it I instructed myself, It aint the playoffs time, and then it dawned on me that it is yet another usual hollow victory for the Boston Fans.But I guess, I would let them enjoy this victory for the fact that they have been thrown out of their own subways, own roads for a bunch of so called delegates who are going to make empty promises, deliver self admiring speeches filled with hollow claims and tons of false hopes.
Gosh..I sit back and muse over the fact that I could not find anything different happening around me. Am I going to be trapped in the montonous and predicatable world. I think, somewhere I see the change coming, I see the hope of having a new leader and that would be something different. Would it not be!...Till that time I would wait and observe the mundane and express thyself in words. Hold it, I was talking about the Next President of USA, What were you thinking?

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

My Instant Celebrity Hopes Dashed!

I was supposed to be an instant celebrity! I had great news to start my writing career, the all powerful omnipotent Internet media to distribute.
Dah! It was not great news after all. It was only about a captain leaving a ship in the middle of the sea and not about Titanic sinking on its first voyage. It was only about 500 employees being left without a leader not a Lakers team without Big Diesel Shaq.
So... 6 comments! Not bad after all.  A good decent start! By the way what were the people doing? Let me think, I guess they are working on their projects as they should be and as someone would say better be.  
Anyway, I think interesting comments, interesting analogies anyway. So continuing on analogies, it reminds me about an article in Strategy and Business about comparing organizations to DNA of living organisms. Like the DNA of living organisms, the DNA of living organizations consists of four building blocks, which combine and recombine to express distinct identities, or personalities. These organizational building blocks are
Structure: what does the organization look like, including the lines and boxes of org char
Decision Rights: Who decides, what and how?
Motivators: what objectives, incentives and career alternatives do people have
Information: How are activities coordinated, knowledge transferred.

These fours blocks largely determine how a firm looks and behaves, internally and externally.  Based on my assessment I concluded that CNSI is a Fits-and-Starts Organization: Scores of smart, motivated, and talented people populate this organization, but they do not often pull in the same direction at the same time. When they do, they can execute brilliant, breakout strategic moves, but the organization typically lacks the discipline and coordination to repeat these successes on a consistent basis. It is an environment that lures intellect and initiative — smart people with an entrepreneurial bent — because the opportunities to pursue an idea and to take responsibility for executing it are abundant.
Not to belabor this anymore to the level, where you shut me down and say what is he cooking I will stop. Phew!....
Now your turn, what do you think??? 

Vacuum of Being Leaderless

Today ( July 20,2004), was a day that was marked by a unique but a shocking news. The organization that I work with suddenly had no leader. The top man of the company decided to leave the organization. What ! Are you kidding me! Disbelief, dismay, shock were the first reactions to the news. The top man was not only the President and CEO of the organization but was also one of the founders of the company. When one of the founders of the organization chooses to take that huge of a decision it raises legitimate doubts and questions in every employee and further in every person associated with the organization (clients, vendors).  It is an interesting quagmire for every employee of the company at this point of time. Every employee is going to percieve and interpret the news according to his/her individual framework and that directly impacts the moral and vitality of the organization. From where I sit as an individual, it is wait and watch  principle, for I  am fundamentally an optimist and belive that things happen for the good. However at the same time being naive and ignorant about the chaos that must be prevalent at the top management would be foolish. So till next time... hoping for good things to happen...