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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

My Instant Celebrity Hopes Dashed!

I was supposed to be an instant celebrity! I had great news to start my writing career, the all powerful omnipotent Internet media to distribute.
Dah! It was not great news after all. It was only about a captain leaving a ship in the middle of the sea and not about Titanic sinking on its first voyage. It was only about 500 employees being left without a leader not a Lakers team without Big Diesel Shaq.
So... 6 comments! Not bad after all.  A good decent start! By the way what were the people doing? Let me think, I guess they are working on their projects as they should be and as someone would say better be.  
Anyway, I think interesting comments, interesting analogies anyway. So continuing on analogies, it reminds me about an article in Strategy and Business about comparing organizations to DNA of living organisms. Like the DNA of living organisms, the DNA of living organizations consists of four building blocks, which combine and recombine to express distinct identities, or personalities. These organizational building blocks are
Structure: what does the organization look like, including the lines and boxes of org char
Decision Rights: Who decides, what and how?
Motivators: what objectives, incentives and career alternatives do people have
Information: How are activities coordinated, knowledge transferred.

These fours blocks largely determine how a firm looks and behaves, internally and externally.  Based on my assessment I concluded that CNSI is a Fits-and-Starts Organization: Scores of smart, motivated, and talented people populate this organization, but they do not often pull in the same direction at the same time. When they do, they can execute brilliant, breakout strategic moves, but the organization typically lacks the discipline and coordination to repeat these successes on a consistent basis. It is an environment that lures intellect and initiative — smart people with an entrepreneurial bent — because the opportunities to pursue an idea and to take responsibility for executing it are abundant.
Not to belabor this anymore to the level, where you shut me down and say what is he cooking I will stop. Phew!....
Now your turn, what do you think??? 


  • I agree with the author that our company has scores of smart motivated and talented people, but I must also share my view that every smart, talented and motivated group of people do need a leader who is equally or more in the above qualities. A leader’s position is not only to guide but to project and protect as well.

    Relationship between leader and group should be in camaraderie and one must compliment the other. You may be in the group today, but tomorrow you can be the leader so the qualities need to be groomed early.

    At this point I remember 2 good lines from Rudyard Kipling's the The Law for the Wolves

    The strength of the pack is the wolf, but the strength of the wolf is the pack.

    By Blogger Manosij Roy, at July 22, 2004 at 7:43 AM  

  • I classify leaders into three types:
    Born to be Leaders - Very few are born to be leaders. These are the real entrepreneurs of the world. While most of us struggle in certain situations, these will always have the right answers. I envy them.
    Trained to be Leaders - Most of us have to be trained to be leaders. If they do not have an answer to certain situation, they can go back to their books and notes to get closer to the answers.
    Experienced to be Leaders - Only lucky ones get the opportunity to learn leadership qualities and tricks on their jobs. This is the hardest way to become a leader. I call this the trial and error route.
    My guess is as good as everyone elses in tring to determine which ones do we have in this organization.

    By Blogger Ashoo Oberoi, at July 22, 2004 at 1:48 PM  

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